What if it was you? Dance video

What if it was you? Dance video

Performance Live ‘WHAT IF IT WAS YOU?
Flux Laboratory Athens
Geronta 12 
10558 Athens

On the occasion of World Refugee Day, Flux Laboratory Athens presents a dance performance called ‘WHAT IF IT WAS YOU ?.

Performed by artists Joanna Toumbakari and Andi Xhuma, and choreographed by Markella Manoliadi, the piece was inspired by Imany's song "Take Care", aiming to transmit through dance a call for unity and mutual aid between people.

The project has taken the form of a video dance, directed by Andi Xhuma and will be openly disseminated through international social platforms and channels on Saturday, June 20. On the same day, the dancers will perform live with the participation of the audience in various, symbolically significant places in the center of Athens as well as Flux Laboratory Athens.

As a collactive and symbolic effort, to embrace this year’s World Refugee Day with a special momentum. Drawing upon the recent solidarity demonstrated by the global community and people’s strength to applaud healthcare workers during the period of confinement, we invite the audience to sing with us and, symbolically, applaud as another gesture for solidarity and unity.

We specially thank the Embassy of Switzerland in Greece, the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Municipality of Athens for their support.

Video directed by: Andi Xhuma
Choreography: Markella Manoliadi
Dancers: Joanna Toumbakari & Andi Xhuma
Music: 'Take Care' by Imany. From the Album ‘The shape of the broken heart’ (2011) 
Production & Artistic Direction: Cynthia Odier, founder and artistic director of Fluxum Foundation and Flux Laboratory
Camera operator: Klaus Shehaj
Camera assistant: Fotini Xhuma


Embassy of Switzerland in Greece
Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports
Municipality of Athens