Step out

Step out


Flux Laboratory initiates a journey of poetic improvisation in the streets of Geneva with the desire to celebrate spring, to share our art with passers-by by creating meeting spaces.

Two locations (place du cirque et parc des bastions), one meeting on Wednesday March 31st.

Opening a creative window filled with life, spontaneity and freedom is our steping out !!!


Mihalis Kalkanis
Contrabassist Mihalis Kalkanis stands out among the representatives of the new generation of Greek jazz musicians. He comes from a family of musicians and participates in the most important forms of the genre. He is a particularly daring and creative musician and composer, who successfully experiments and offers us unpredictable music. He dresses his grandmother's traditional singing with electronic music and he makes field recordings at religious ceremonies of immigrants, giving us an amalgamation of sounds of the world in the album "World Echoes in Athens".

His band was chosen as the "new musical proposal" of the Technopolis Athens Jazz Festival 2018, while the following year he made a special appearance at the Summer Nostos Festival - SNFCC, with the multi-instrumentalist and prominent Siberian composer Nadishan, as guest. In the same year he performed at other festivals in Greece and Cyprus, while in October his group was selected from 300 nominations to participate in the Fira B festival in Spain. The highlight of the group's journey so far has been the performance at the Small Theater of Ancient Epidaurus (July 2020).

Kelly Motta
Originally from Cape Verde and Brazil, Kelly was interested in dance and music from a young age. Following a training in a Meyrinoise dance association, she began to teach DanceHall. In 2014, she went to train in urban dances at “Flow Dance Academy” in Paris. Her thirst for progress pushes her to follow intensive courses with renowned dancers. Passionate about dance and music, Kelly transmits her knowledge while advocating sharing and respect.

Alessia Casadei
Alessia trained in classical and contemporary dance with Anne-Marie Porras in Montpellier.
Once out of her training, Alessia was hired in the company of Sara Simeoni, then Anthony Heinl as well as Virgilio Sieni in Italy.
Back in Switzerland, she danced for Cisco Aznar, the great theater of Geneva in the play by Mac beth, as well as for the Revue Genevoise directed by Gaspard Boesch and Philippe Cohen.
Alessia collaborates in particular with the theater Am stram gram, the FluxLaboratory and in various artistic projects, installations, performances, multidisciplinary creations as a dancer, freelance choreographer for various events, events and places.
In 2020, she was hired by the theater company Dai Dai for the staging and theatrical choreography on the creation Les rustres as well as the adaptation of the text du fou by Khalil Gibran.
She creates for the Lancy Lumière festival "Voyage astral" in collaboration with the visual artist Sophie Lemeillour.

Violeta Hodger
Multidisciplinary artist, Violeta began by studying theater by following the course of the Geneva Conservatory for more than 10 years. At the same time, she takes lessons in lyrical singing and contemporary music. At the age of 20, she enrolled in the AMR jazz workshops and followed pre-professional training which led her to take guitar lessons. Committed to associations and sensitive to human issues, she decides to train as a social worker without losing her artistic practice. In September 2012, she went to train at the Dimitri movement theater school in order to explore her bodily, theatrical and musical expression. Back in Geneva, she took part in transdisciplinary projects within several Geneva companies. She nevertheless continues to work in the field of socio-cultural animation, deeply nourished by the social action that she finds there. So in September 2017, fascinated by the desire to unite the artistic field with the human issues that mobilized her, she decided to create her own company; the Fire of God Collective.

Federica Casadei
Federica Casadei was born in Ravenna in 1997. She began her classical dance studies at the age of 3 at the “Accademia Cecchetti ASD” dance school under the direction of Michela Bulgarelli.
Then she approached contemporary and modern dance at the age of 8 and started studying with many teachers like Sara Buratti, Luciano Di Natale, Mauro Astolfi and Donatello Jacobellis. During her training she succeeded in the “ISTD” ballet exams with very good results.
In 2016 she began her final year of training in Ravenna by participating in several shows around Italy and obtaining the DDI diploma of "ISTD" for teaching classical dance to children.
In August 2017 she traveled to New York to participate in the “Blueprint Summer Intensive” at “Peridance Capezio Center” under the direction of Igal Perry and at the “Fini Dance Summer Intensive” under the direction of Antonio Fini where she also had the opportunity to perform at the "Alvin Ailey Dance Theater".
In September 2017 she joined the “Area Jeune Ballet” young company in Geneva under the direction of Marie-Christine Maigret de Priches and here she has the opportunity to work with many international teachers and choreographers like Gil Carlos Harush, Gérald Durand , Yvette Regueiro, José Agudo, Guillaume Siard and Édouard Hue. She also participates in several shows with the young company in theaters and festivals in Geneva such as the "Bâtiment des Forces Motrices", the "ECOLINT" theater, the "dance festival" and "the music festival".

Fiona Pitz
Fiona is an urban dancer specializing in hip-hop dance for 10 years. She began her training at the Impro center where she was able to develop her stage experience and try her hand at improvisation. She was thus able to continue her progress by following internships abroad and at home. Since then, she has been present in the field of battle, creation and participates in the development of the culture of her region. In order to share her knowledge, she joined the teaching team at her training location in 2015.