Round Table around Merci Cunningham

Round Table around Merci Cunningham

Fluxum Foundation collaborates with the Geneva Fête de la Danse and Ouside the Box to preview the film CUNNINGHAM.

The screening will be followed by a roundtable at Fluxum Foundation.

The film CUNNINGHAM brings back to life the work of legendary dancer and choreographer Merce Cunningham. The poetry of the visuals, supported by 3D technology reflects his own willingness to be a risk taker and the innovative power that has underpinned his career. From his early years in New York, where he tried to break through as a dancer, until his recognition as a visionary choreographer, his practice and his ideas still influence artists around the world today.

This is what will be discussed following the screening, with a roundtable bringing together Sarah Burkhalter, Trevor Carlson and Jonathan O’Hear, and moderated by Claude Ratzé.

Sunday 17th of May, 11am, Cinérama Empire – 72-74 rue de Carouge
3D movie of Alla Kovgan
Sunday 17th of May, 1pm, Fluxum Foundation – 5 rue de la Muse
Roundtable about Merce Cunningham’s life and work *

* On reservation :