One One One in Greece

One One One in Greece

A dance experiment travels across the lakes, rivers and seas of Greece 

Flux Laboratory Athens presents the performative piece One One One which will travel to ten locations of the Greek periphery during Summer and Autumn 2021.

One One One is an experiment for performers and spectators, conceived by the internationally renowned dancer and choreographer Ioannis Mandafounis. Two chairs are waiting for two spectators, inviting them to experience a unique moment during which two performers will be dancing for them. Through One One one, the dancers take the spectators to a unique, awakening experience. They translate and transform the attitude and feelings of the audience, proposing a new dance experience. Bringing subversive humor and endlessly shape-shifting movement to the performance, the two dancers weave an intricate fan of emotions and images and create a magical moment of interaction with the audience: An experience that calls roles and boundaries into question which, though public, remains utterly private.

Greece is covered with dreamy landscapes, bays, forests, springs and streams, villages - small and large- with their land carrying a heavy historical burden. The performance will take place in different settlements in the country. Their symbolic linchpin is the water: an integral part of every cultural identity and, at the same time, an element that determines the everyday life and viability of human communities. It is the element of movement, energy, feeling, cleansing and forgiveness. 

The dance project One One One takes place 'out there', in the small mountainous areas that expand above the rivers and lakes. It happens 'out there', under the thousand-year-old plane trees, in the public squares and the harbors of Greek islands. It happens 'out there' for and with the residents. Through the journey of One One One a series of narratives is born carrying a small part of the genius loci of each place. The stories become eventually intertwined in a film.

Performances Summer 2021 
26 June: Spetses, Bouboulina’s Statue. In collaboration with the Municipality of Spetses, the Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel
10 July: Dimitsana, Open-Air Water Power Museum - Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation
11 July: Stymphalia, Environment Museum of Stymphalia - Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation
17 July: Vyzitsa (Pelion), The Theatre on the mountain
31 July: Vovousa (Ioannina), Vovousa Festival 
29 August: Messolonghi, Messolonghi By Locals Festival
11 September: Museum of Marble Crafts, Pyrgos, Tinos - Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation

Concept and choreography: Ioannis Mandafounis 
Performers:  Leda Diochnou, Thanos Ragkousis, Despoina Sanida Krezia, Symeon Tsakiris
Mediation: Mélanie Fréguin
Production: Cie Ioannis Mandafounis & Flux Laboratory Athens
The Cie Ioannis Mandafounis benefits from a joint support from the City of Geneva, State of Geneva and Pro Helvetia-Swiss Art Council for the season 2021-2023.

#1 Spetses, 25&26 June
Bouboulina’s Statue
In collaboration with the Municipality of Spetses, the Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel
Interpreted by: Thanos Ragkousis, Despoina Sanida Krezia
Filming & Editing: Parissis Panou


Municipality of Spetses
Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta
Poseidonion Grand Hotel
Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation
Vovousa Festival
Messolonghi By Locals Festival

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Under the Aegis of the Embassy of Switzerland in Greece

With the support of Fluxum Foundation