In residency: Melina Johnsen

In residency: Melina Johnsen

Flux Laboratory will welcome Melina Johnsen in residency from December 2nd to 15th to work on her creation "Sequences".

Melina Johnsen is a young artist and designer whose practice investigates the notion of space, through dance. Her first work, "Sequences", offers a new approach to performance via a multimedia installation. Her design process aims to find new ways to adapt choreography to contemporary communication tools such as screens.

The project "Sequences" is a 360 ° multimedia installation, composed of a screen on both sides of which is projected a film, thus allowing to get a recto verso visual of a performance. The installation being in perpetual rotation, it creates 3 distinct spaces: the two digital screens, as well as a 3rd space / volume created by their movement. The video frame is used as a physical space in which the dancers evolve, and thus becomes the project’s choreographer.

During her residency, Melina will work on the system she has created to propose a new choreographic, cinematographic, musical and scenic project.

"My first motivation for this project was to weave a more remarkable connection between dance and space first of all, as well as the moving body in space, and the moving body in a moving image, in a space in motion. I wanted to create an installation, a tool for a specific performance, which could sublimate the movement in question and give it its own space”.