In residency: h i t z A h i t z company

In residency: h i t z A h i t z company

I need to become anonymous. To be present.
To no longer recognize me by my name.
To no longer hear in my name
as the voice calling it.


We spin in the night and here we are consumed by fire is an introspective dive into contemporary melancholy. It is the attempt to reappropriate language to resist the inevitable that makes it easier to imagine the end of the world than that of capitalism. It is the expression of a becoming-movement that escapes capture.

Based on a montage of texts made up of heterogeneous sources (poetry, correspondence, diaries, novels, theater, raw writings), this project explores language as a ground of resistance. The text is constantly confronted with both a sound design deployed live, and the physical reality of its expectoration, to question our way of putting into words today's world, our intimate and collective stories. It is the bet that speaking badly is perhaps better to say (oneself).

Creative team: Joëlle Wider-Greset, Dario Galizia, Jonas Lambelet et Alexandra Nivon
Thanks: L'Abri, Rares Donca, Alessandra Mattana, Roberta Alberico et Fabio Jaramillo

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