In residency: BudGE company

In residency: BudGE company

Flux Laboratory welcomes from November 25th to 29th Budge company who will work on the project Exo_1.

Following the collaboration between the Biotech Research Institute, Flux Laboratory and Budge company a multidisciplinary project combining dance, science and technology was born.

For the Exo_1 project which will revolve around two experiments, using a high frequency vibration system, the dancers will see their troubled senses deviated from their main axes. How to continue the performance when a muscle or limb is paralyzed for a short time? How to continue when one can no longer trust one's own proprioception or one's sight? This duo a bit farfetched will seek to recreate more faithfully the score despite the added handicaps as performance by trying to find new paths nervous.

The second part of the project is on the contrary to remove some disabilities, for this we will use the robotics of exoskeleton "Twiice" to develop at EPFL Lausanne by the team of researcher Mohamed Bouri that will allow the public to dance through this robot a paraplegic person in duet with a dancer.