In residency: 13DECEMBRE company

In residency: 13DECEMBRE company

Flux Laboratory welcomes artists Pierre-Angelo Zavaglia and Hannah Barron from the company 13DECEMBRE, who will work on their new creation "Petroleo".

"Petroleo" begins with a collective inquiry into the history of Venezuela through the prism of oil.

To understand the origin of a crisis and the history of a country, we investigate the raw material that made it famous and ruined. Then, we get as close as possible to the material. To look at its color, smell its scent, touch its textures. From floor to ceiling, oil is there around us, taking forms that are beyond us. Oil then becomes a full-fledged stage presence, a creative entity that develops an autonomous voice.

Both documentary and scenic material, oil leads us to understand a country in crisis, but above all a way of helping to imagine its future, to dream of possible outcomes.

Credit : Paramount Vantage