In résidence: Cie Speak in Silence

In résidence: Cie Speak in Silence

Flux Laboratory will welcome the company Speak in silence in residency to work on the first part of their new creation: "The Fast Fashion" - Part 1: Blood Mark

Do we know the manufacturing conditions of the clothes we wear?

For sure, they come from the Fast Fashion circuit. An industry where human and environmental value has no place in the face of the ever-growing appetite for increased productivity.

The company Speak in Silence sheds light on the different hidden sides of this industry through a trilogy. The first creation will be on the working conditions of South Asian women workers in a textile factory.

A multidisciplinary creation combining a live musician, projection mapping and dance to offer spectators an immersion and an awareness of the risk of the virtuous circle of this low-cost fashion.

Choreographer : Mélina de Lamarlière 
Dancer : Nina Richard & Margaux Monetti 
Musician & composer : Béatrice Graf
Visual artist : Sophie Le Meillour 

Instagram : speakinsilence_melina

Official website