Huit minutes (nous y étions presque)

Huit minutes (nous y étions presque) 9 institutions and 14 young artists unite to give birth to the opera of tomorrow.

Huit Minutes (nous y étions presque) the opera imagined by the artist collective of will be showing as part of La Bâtie-Festival de Genève on September 1, 2 and 3, 2021 at the Cube de la HEAD.

The Grand Théâtre de Genève (GTG), the Comédie de Genève, the Haute École d'art et de design (HEAD), the Haute école de musique de Genève (HEM), the Manufacture - Haute école des arts de la scene, the l’Institut littéraire suisse de la Haute école des arts de Berne, the Flux Laboratory - in partnership with l’Abri and La Bâtie-Festival Genève, present which brings them together around a stimulating project. is an innovative and interdisciplinary project, the fruit of the association of French-speaking cultural institutions, aiming to create from scratch a musical theater production.

The principle is simple: bring together 14 alumni from several Hautes Écoles d'Art in one place of residence to allow them to express themselves and bring out daring creations in a climate of healthy competition. Musical writing, composition and performance, singing, theater, staging and dance come together to create contemporary lyrical works. In innovative plastic and visual forms, all risk-taking is permitted for these young artists who benefit from a first large-scale professional multidisciplinary experience.


Every night it starts all over again. Patricia calls her sister Irene and asks her the same questions over and over again, until the two of them fall asleep: "When did we start to be alone? Will we one day be free from anxiety? Are we against renewal? Have we stopped believing in the possibility of another world? Every night Irene listens to her. She would like to answer but every night she doesn't know what to say.

To prevent the sun from disappearing, it will take ceremony and imagine other rituals. It will require mixing song, dance, music and speech, relying on new gods, and perhaps raising the art of believing in humanity to its highest point. It will be necessary to affirm the possibility of another world before imagining its disappearance. We will have to convince ourselves that this is not the end of the world but the end of a world. And maybe eight minutes from now, by the time it takes for light to travel the distance between the earth and the sun, we can finally say, "Here we are." 

Composition: Leonardo Marino
Libretto: Pablo Jakob Montefusco
Director: François Renou
Scenography: Claire van Lubeek
Interaction design: Yann Longchamp
Costumes: Clémentine Küng
Lights: Benjamin Deferne

Patricia: Lara Khattabi
Irene: Estelle Bridet
Veronika: Borbála Szuromi
Emma: Marie Hamard
Gabriel: Anthony Rivera
Hugo: Raphaël Hardmeyer
Deities of the Renewal: Élie Autin; Solene Schnüriger

Musical direction: Clement Power
HEM Orchestra

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