Flux Laboratory and Radio Vostok launch the #culturevirale operation

Flux Laboratory and Radio Vostok launch the #culturevirale operation

As an experimental laboratory, Flux Laboratory has always been reactive to ongoing events by launching new actions.

In this period of confinement, Flux Laboratory has decided to support Radio Vostok with the launch of its #culturevirale operation.

The purpose of this operation is to observe, resist and offer a platform for all to express themselves. 

Free expression for the cultural actors, Radio Vostok is reinventing itself, the culture will go viral by offering a window to those who had their cultural projects cancelled, through a call for projects under the hashtag #culturevirale.

Radio Vostok proposes to cultural actors to seize one hour of broadcasting by giving free rein to their imagination.

Provide a space for creation and cultural promotion

With the coronavirus crisis many cultural players are in difficulty, Radio Vostok would like to give them support and media visibility. What if the live concert was in your living room? What if the play that will not see the light of day becomes a radio play? What if the exhibition which will not open was the subject of a report? Radio Vostok offers cultural actors to seize an hour of broadcasting by giving free rein to their imagination, on the basis of cultural projects which have not been able to see the light of day, but which we are going to give to hear .

A focus on interaction and the intergenerational link

Many parents are confined with their children, giving rise to new creative spaces. What if together they created radio content? Radio Vostok had the project to make radio workshops for children in the spring of 2020. In view of the current situation, it also offers its antenna and its broadcasting platform for intergenerational radio creations.

Creation of portraits of actors and cultural entities

But that's not all. Culture is often very committed women and men. With the coronavirus crisis, many have lost everything and will have to completely rethink their cultural projects. But who are these cultural players? What if they told us about their cultural project on the radio that could not come about?
Culture is also places, institutions, Internet sites. Some are now closed to the public, others are rethinking to offer their content digitally. What are these places? How do they adapt their offer and what are they now offering to the public?
Radio Vostok will produce portraits of actors and cultural entities in order to relay the serious problems they are currently facing through the coronavirus crisis. Several portraits will be broadcast and podcast each week until the end of June.

Good News Journal

When you listen to the news, very often the news is bad wherever it comes from, especially at the moment. Radio Vostok has decided to take the opposite view. Every day we produce a log of positive information. We relay good news of all kinds, be it good local news, environmental progress, equality or scientific progress.

Programs to follow throughout the day on www.radiovostok.ch, Box Swisscom TV 2.0 in French-speaking Switzerland, DAB + Geneva

All proposals are to be sent to culturevirale@radiovostok.ch or via the page: https://radiovostok.ch/culturevirale
Let’s be optimistic about our future!