Field trip - Reforesting

Field trip - Reforesting

Flux Laboratory Athens, on the occasion of the experimental project Reforesting, hosts a roundtable discussion with the members of the project on Tuesday 16.11.2021 at 7pm.

The audience is invited to sit around a table and participate in a dialogue with the project’s contributors. This Field Trip event is an opportunity to share the intriguing stories behind the project and to dive into the special moments of the Reforesting members’ collective experience.

Reforesting is an interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary research and practice-based project that examines creation as a more symbiographic process, one that centers around moving bodies and their relationship(s) with what has been described as ‘the natural environment’. Reforesting implies a continuous and experimental process that points to other ways of living, sharing, learning, participating in cultural production.

In 2021, the participants coming from different fields and disciplines (dance, choreography, architecture, dramaturgy, ecopsychology, visual arts etc), formulated the basis of a ‘think/move/dance-tank’ environment within which they collectively explored a more communal way of artistic production, closer to ‘nature’ and with ‘nature’ as a partner. 

Last August they cohabited a rural house located in Kalentzi, Epirus, a small village on the foothills of Tzoumerka Mountains. There, they deployed their research and practice, while interacting with the natural surroundings. They jointly coordinated a series of communal activities, such as food preparation, hiking, ecotherapy and “social dreaming” sessions, ‘short-lived’ experimental creative projects, film projections and so on.

Participants: Kleio Apostolaki, Lia Chamilothori, Candy Karra, Ionian Bisai & Sotiris Tsiganos (Latent Community), Elena Novakovits, Vasilis Ntouros, Aris Papadopoulos, Christina Reinhardt, Dora Zoumpa

The discussion will be held in Greek. To reserve a seat, please contact:

Important note: Admission is allowed to visitors holding either a full vaccination certificate or an official confirmation of Covid-19 infection issued 30 days after the first positive test. The use of mask is obligatory throughout the event.