05.11.20, 14:00 - Performance in Streaming

Fluxum Foundation and Flux Laboratory Athens collaborated with Neopost Foofwa Company presenting the project DANCEWALK in Greece. A Greek - Swiss artistic initiative under the aegis of the Embassy of Switzerland in Greece and the City of Athens.
On Thursday 5 November 2020 the performance “Dancewalk – Retroperspectives” was presented at Technopolis City of Athens with parallel live streaming. On stage, a dancers narrated the history of 700km of Dancewalk that have been run around the entire world.  Dancewalk is a practice developed by choreographer and dancer Foofwa d'Imobilité. Until today 50 versions of Dancewalk have been presented worldwide. 
In Greece, the choreographer transmited this dance technique to 7 Greek dancers who will act as the Greek ambassadors of the Dancewalk project. This experience was integrated on scene on the 5th of November.
On Sunday the 8th of November, the official day of the Athens Marathon, Dancewalk was presented as an alternative. We invited our audience to dance symbolically, creating its own choreography wherever they stand. 

“What is important is to dance life” Cynthia Odier, Founder of Fluxum Foundation and Flux Laboratory and Artistic Director
“Run, walk, dance. Keep on expressing ourselves through movement and art !”Olaf Kjelsen, Ambassador of Switzerland in Greece


Dancer / Choreographer: Foofwa d’Imobilité
Artists: Alex Landa Aguirreche - Polena Kolia - Markella Manoliadi - Dimitris Mytilinaios - Evita Pitara - Alizée Sourbé - Joanna Toumbakari - Alexandros Vardaxoglou - Andi Xhuma
Co-production: Fluxum Foundation, Flux Laboratory Athens
Artistic direction: Cynthia Odier and Foofwa d’Imobilité

Under the aegis of :
The Swiss Embassy in Greece
The City of Athens

With the Courtesy of Technopolis City of Athens

With the kind support of the City of Marathon

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City of Athens & Technopolis City of Athens

With the support of

City of Marathon