Dance Days Chania 10

Dance Days Chania 10

10th Dance Days Chania Festival 2020
27.07 – 04.08.2020
The site-specific projects’ section ‘New creators in the city’ is supported by Flux Laboratory Athens

The 10th Dance Days Chania is present. The need to defend the body comes as a priority, its role in arts, its meaning in life. As an antidote to loneliness and introversion, the adapted to the new circumstances, the International Contemporary Dance festival offers a shorter program full of dance, creation and research. Site specific projects by new creators, performances, video dance screenings, lectures/ talks, exhibition, site specific and technique workshops.

Dance Days Chania extends its events through the year and its first phase is taking place this summer from July 27th to August 4th in Chania for its 10th consecutive year. 
The program includes: 
- 3 performances
- 7 workshops
- 8 site specific projects by new creators
- 3 days of video dance screenings
- open lectures/ talks on topics like artistic approach and cultural being in a crisis

For more information regarding the program and the workshops, please visit: 

Flux Laboratory Athens proudly supports the site-specific projects by new creators at Dance Days Chania 2020:

Monday 27.07.2020 Vicky Angelidou – In the darkness 
19:00 Despotaki Melchisedek sqr. 

In the darkness I get lost, I sink, I disappear. I need to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
I have to keep walking, paving the way.
And what about those for whom I am invisible?
What do I do for all those who pass me by? After all, who sees and who listens?
Who finally lives in the dark?
I turn on the light and look
..just in case I can see beyond myself

Tuesday 28.07.2020 Ermina Apostolaki – Urban songs
19:00 Municipal Garden of Chania

The collective memory networks that are being marginalized and gradually vanish contribute to the achievement of social homogeneity, which is considered a guarantee of social balance and security. However, their disappearance contributes to the oversimplification of a people's culture, to the maintenance of stereotypes as well as to the prevalence of a constructed history. Using as area of study the city of Chania and, more specifically, the Aman Kafes and the cafés chantant, which flourished in it from the end of the 19th century until the beginning of the 20th, a soundwalk will be created. The sound walk grapples with the subject of multiculturalism in the society of Chania, comparing its past with the current socio-political situation of the city.

Wednesday 29.07.2020 Polina Chrysafi & Christina Karpouzou – Audience in Motion_ Our Motion
19:30 Katehaki sqr.

Audience / Players __A chessboard of positions, delimited distances and unexpected targeted movements within it.
Performers __ Two bars react, compose and communicate with each other, determined by the independent movement of the participating players on the chessboard.

Thursday 30.07.2020 Barbara Bardaka – Home Street Home
20:00 Yali Tzamisi sqr. 

Two strangers will create their own space by adapting their personal needs to an exposed environment. By weaving the atmospheres of the private and public space, they will build a new relationship, which, through movement, colors and humor will redefine the limits of their coexistence, sometimes as roommates, sometimes as fellow citizens or just as fellow human beings.

Friday 31.07.2020 Ioulia Zacharaki – Into the Flux: Jungle
14:00 Municipal Garden of Chania

A refrigerator
A new environment built on an existing canvas
An ecosystem
A new ecosystem within the system.
Three characters
They interact
They are dressed up
Three new characters
Like a game
Within the new system
Hunters and prey
How do you survive in a jungle?
An observation of contemporary society

Friday 31.07.2020 Elena Dalamara – Floating Urbanity
13:00 Municipal Market of Chania

The team investigates the character of life in the big city, as well as the social ability of humans to move and interact with each other, sharing a common environment. It develops the study through a sensory reading of the city, the daily life of which is examined on the basis of the terms of physical experiences. Drawing upon two essays by G. Simmel on "Metropolitan Sense", this approach explores the shaping of the urban experience through the senses which outline the perceivable landscapes that frame everyday life

Saturday 01.08.2020 Stella Mastorosteriou – Map of gestures
20:00 Athinagora sqr. (Halidon str.)

A choreographic study of the interrelations between the body and public space. Creating ephemeral site-specific images that play with the boundary between the familiar and the unfamiliar, it attempts to highlights the alternative ways of being in / thinking about the city.

Sunday 02.08.2020 Christina Zacharia, Rallou Karella, Eleni Vlachou - Mom it’s not a phase
20:00 Despotaki Melchisedek sqr.

The initial idea starts with our need to recall our memories from our adolescence. We try to remember the way in which we used to perceive our reality then, our favorite places - personal or not - the images and stories we had forgotten and kept to ourselves, transmitting our past teenage introversion into our bodies now. Adolescence is a personal experience, but at the same time constitutes a common experience. That's why we found it fascinating to share and listen to it. We used the interview process as our methodological tool. In this light, collecting teenage narratives from a group of people either by using a camera or by recording them, we've put together a collage of teenage recollections. Our hidden history, our favorite place, the place we hated the most, our dance in the bathroom and the school prom are all experiential situations. If we recall them, we realize that we were not as alone as we thought.

The performances will be followed by discussions with the creators.

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