Company Alma Alba performance

Company Alma Alba performance

Following their residency in October, the company Alma Alba will present on Monday, November 11st at 7.30 their creation Heteroclite Buffer Memory.

A no man's land (also called "dead zone") has divided the island of Cyprus for more than 40 years separating two communities. A ghost earth that contains the painful memory of an entire people.

How to move forward when memory haunts us?

This performance was given on October 27 in Nicosia in a venue adjacent to the buffer zone as part of the Buffer Fringe Festival of Nicosia.

With: Laurent Annoni et Verena Lopes
Staging: Lefki Papachrysostomou
Text: Maria Chrysanthou
Lights: Loïc Rivoalan
Video and sound: Paraplevros

Duration: 30' followed by a discussion with the artits 


Free entry