Chania Dance Days - New creators in the city

Chania Dance Days - New creators in the city

Dance Days Chania 2019 focuses in communicating the art of dance and acts as a producer for the creation of 5 site-specific projects by young artists. The choreographers were selected through an open call “New creators in the city” and they have already travelled and were given a tour to the city of Chania as a prerequisite for the first phase of creation and selection. Dancers and performers for 15 days will co-operate and define the pulse of the city, they will bring the art into the alleys, the balconies, the neighbourhoods, the monuments, the cultural spaces by reflecting the place’s history and not by recreating it. The city becomes the scene and its residents the spectators and protagonists of the actions.


17.07 -  8pm 
Hearme, by Vicky Aggelidou & Xavier Geerman (GR/AW)
Municipal Art Gallery of Chania - Free entrance

This performance invites people with/or without visual impairments to “watch” it with closed eyes as it aspires (via a special costume and design) to allowing them to understand a dance performance without necessary watching it. It is a performance with blindness as a theme, where we try to include different social groups. The viewers without visual impairment may choose to close their eyes or not.
Contributors: Vicky Aggelidou (choreographer- performer), Xavier Germaan (musician – performer), Sonia Kechagia (costume-set designer)

18.07 - 8.30pm
Fine Line, by Christiane Stroubakis (GR/UK)
San Salvatore bastion - Free entrance

An exploration into the journey of the Heart. Like the aperture on a cameras lens, it opens and closes accordingly, letting in more or less light. How does this organ intuitively sense another, is the closing of this energetic centre as nessary as the opening of it? How do these boundaries of self protection/preservation become imprisonment/suppression? ‘It’s a fine line’ that we dance upon. Where and when do we draw the line. Man made borders divide the land, differentiating people and place. Exactly who and how do we decide what is welcome or not. Does the act of building this wall derive from the egoic mind or the true self? How did we become so divided in ourselves and is this ‘in itself’ the root of our division globally?
Contributors: Christiane Stroubakis (choreographer- dancer), Teleri Evans (assistant choreographer- dramaturge), Marianna Tsogka (musician), Nicola Topalovic (musician), Grigoris Spyropoulos (musician), Giannis Fournarakis (musician), Elisavet Kavourinou (visual artist), Vasiliki Rouvali (architect- visual artist), Eva Spithouri (fine arts), Lazaros Sofikitis (fine arts), Margarita Reizaki (dancer), Marianna Kourkounaki (dancer), Carmen Antoniou (dancer), Sabina Lampsakinou (dancer), Lito Lazaridi (dancer), Marianda Michael (dancer)

23.07 - 7pm 
Let me tell you my steps, by Polena Kolia (GR)
Sifaka str.- Splantzia area  - Free entrance

An attempt to connect the old with the new one, the existing with the not existent –one, until now. To connect you and me, us. A kinetic proposal on how we can connect between us and establish the human association as the foundation of our artistic practice. The performance’s quorum is created in an early stage through meetings and interviews with mature people (60+) residing in Chania, and they will narrate their own personal stories that are tightly linked with places of the city of Chania and will be used as creative material by the choreographer. 
Contributors: Polena Kolia (concept, choreography, performance)

25.07 - 7.30pm
Visible City #1, by Maria Pisiou & George Panopoulos (GR)
Byzantine Walls  (Sifaka str.) - Melhisedek sqr. – Aqueduct (Saint Nicholas- Splantzia qr.) - Free entrance

Visible City#1 is a mapping attempt of the invisible cities, as Italo Calvino narrates in his title novel “Invisible Cities”, in a real city through the kinesiological narrative of the human body. Four people with starting points of the invisible cities, i.e. architectural and spatial details, which have been identified in the real city, start a self-explanatory kinetic narration which is bounded by the specific starting point. The space shapes the movement identity of each person. For example, if the starting point is a ladder or a low ceilinged room, it will have an impact on both the motion of the body and its pathway upon to break. This is referred to an exploration of the ways with which the city or the public space in general transforms itself, the memory and desire.
Contributors: Maria Pisiou (choreographer-dancer), George Panopoulos (choreographer’s assistant –dancer), Konstantinos Kotsos (dancer), Polina Chysafi (dancer), Niovi Kitsiou (sound designer), Rodia Vomvolou (dramaturge)

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