"The only reason to play hard is to work hard – not the other way around." Andy Warhol

Flux Laboratory’s main mission is to react to questions being raised in our society, whether political, economic, cultural or ideological. On top of its support to the contemporary dance scene, Flux Laboratory has always been attached to the notions of interdisciplinarity and of mutual learning. In any field, bringing different skills, point of views and sensibilities together will foster an environment conducive to the emergence of new ideas. Innovation cannot be separated from notions such as creativity and community.

This call for projects aims to open our doors and our archives, in order to share our experience with those who may feel like stepping out of their usual environment and rub shoulders with us in our playground. 

It is open to ALL fields of activity: research, culture, politics, economics, sociology, technology, humanitarian; start-ups or well implemented structures, entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs, students or CEOs, artists or journalists. The values underlying the Call are: creation, innovation and openness.

Residences can last from 1 to 3 months, between January and June 2019. All practical information can be found in the attached document.