A collaboration between METANEIRA Dance School & Flux Laboratory Athens
FIAT project space, Falirou 97-99, Koukaki, Athens

The solo performance 'Body Monologue' by young choreographer Anastasia Valsamaki brings back an unanswered and self-evident question on stage: 'what can a body do?' A fertile question that investigates not only the body's expressive abilities, but also the narrative functions of the dance language. This research work focuses on the structure of the monologue, but instead of verbalizing it by playing with the meanings, it repels them by returning to the pre-linguistic, "eloquent" silence of the body expressed as it moves. It is a silence made of gestures, pauses, malleable forms and unfamiliar body states that mobilize our gaze. These converse with that hidden reserve that slips from the rigidity of the meanings to the fluidity of those meanings that the body is able to "speak" of through dance.

Concept and choreography: Anastasia Valsamaki

Co-creation & performance: Gabriella Antonopoulou

Music: Konstantinos Bakogiannis

Production: 10th ARC for Dance Festival, MINDTHELOOP, FLUX Laboratory Athens

Infinity Room Dear is the outcome of the choreographic research conducted by Anastasia Brouziotis with Stavros Apostolatos at La Caldera Center for the Performing Arts. It is a duet around the endless communicative dimension of the embrace; an emblematic gesture with varying emotional shades, which reminds us of the dual nature of the body in the world; an entity that touches us while being touched, seeking to construct in its encounter with the others an (ideal) place of coexistence. An ephemeral shelter and enclosure at the same time, the embrace is nothing more than a relational event, a moment when our bodies come together in the present. The two performers investigate structured and improvised attempts of embrace, trying to define that fleeting moment, that 'together' which lasts only because it holds fleetingly our desire to be united.

Idea, Creation & Interpretation: Anastasia Brouziotis & Stavros Apostolatos

Costumes: Giannis Tsigris

Lighting Design: Evina Vassilakopoulou

Music curated by: Stavros Apostolatos