International Dance Day 
Dancers share their own dance stretching ritual

Flux Laboratory Athens celebrates International Dance Day with Anoixis, a symbolic movement ritual.
Past & Present collaborators of Flux Laboratory Athens share part of their personal dance stretching process through video.

The dancing bodies are waking up in an attempt to leave behind this peculiar liminal situation of uncertainty defined by the current conditions. 
Anoixis* emerged through our need to communicate the oddity of lethargy and share the sense of euphoria that dance stretching generates with the preparation and activation of the body.

Dancers record a video of their individual choreography of stretching exercises, movements, breaths. Choreographer and researcher Chloe Aligianni created a music soundscape, drawing from the sense of awakening, of breathing; the feeling of springtime (opening outwards) and the ritual of self-concentration, as part of daily practice for all dancers. 

Participants: Alex Landa Aguirreche, Chloe Aligianni, Vasia Anagnostopoulou, Vicky Angelidou, Nicolas Cantillon, Nikolas Chatzivasileiadis, Elina Dermitzioglou, Polina Evangelou, Stella Fotiadi, Foofwa d' Imobilité, Venetsiana Kalampaliki, Beatrice Kapnisi, Christina Karpouzou, Markella Manoliadi, Maria Manoukian, Maria Philippou, Elena Psimmenou, Michael Saganis, Alizée Sourbé,  Rania Tatsi, Joanna Toumpakari, Margarita Tontisakis, Anastasia Valsamaki, George Vasilopoulos,  Andi Xhuma, Foteini Xystri, Sevasti Zafeira, Arianna Zarmakoupi

Music by: Chloe Aligianni / Sample used: Walt Disney's Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Video editing by: Parissis Panou

*Anoixis means 'Spring' in Greek. In the Bible the noun refers to “the act of opening"