A month of poetry - Lecture Tribute to Bernard Heidsieck with Heike Fiedler & Woman's Move

A month of poetry - Lecture Tribute to Bernard Heidsieck with Heike Fiedler & Woman's Move

Lecture Tribute to Bernard Heidsieck with Heike Fiedler & Woman's Move 

Thursday 7th May – 7 p.m.
RSVP : agenda@fluxlaboratory.com
Poésies Sonores – Sound Poetry
Banker by day, poet and visual artist by night, Bernard Heidsieck began writing at an early age only to realize later that the written word was no longer adequate to itself. At the end of the 1950s, he set about inventing new forms and means of expression.

"Waiting for a hypothetical reader spells death for poetry. The poet had to move, go out to find listeners or readers, become active. So I wrote a series of what I called "poem-scores", which were meant to be read out loud."

- Bernard Heidsieck
In the 1960s, the time of Fluxus, the Beat Generation and the first happenings in New York and Paris, the poet began working with a tape recorder, recording, editing and mixing his texts. In 1991, Bernard Heidsieck, who never stopped writing or telling, was awarded the Grand Prix National de Poésie (France), while in 2011 the Villa Arson devoted a retrospective to him.
In 2013, les presses du réel published a volume of almost 1,200 pages bringing together all of the typescripts of his Poèmes-partitions, Biopsies and Passe-partout.

Heike Fiedler

Heike Fiedler, author, poet, performer, sound and visual artist. Born in West-Germany (1963), living in Geneva. 
Since 2000 : Extensively performing her writings in poetry festivals, music festivals, literature readings, libraries. 

Woman's Move

Founded in 2012 by Elsa Roofer, Iona D'Annunzio and Margaux Monetti, Woman's Move collective was created to share the skills of various artists.

Woman's Move collective aims to produce shows created by its association's members, who can themselves decide to collaborate with other artists. WM provides them with a common reflection space and an artistic and administrative support in their creative process.