100 et 1 nuits

100 et 1 nuits

Flux Laboratory, in collaboration with Embassy of Foreign artists and Campus Biotech, presents the 100 + 1 nights exhibition, which brings together the work of artists from the "Art & Science" program.

This program aims to offer residencies to professional artists whose project is inspired by cutting-edge research carried out by partner laboratories active within the Biotech Campus.

This is to promote exchanges and crossroads between scientific practices and artistic approaches, but also to bring the various actors of the program towards a better understanding of their respective fields of research.

Antoine Orand will present Galmeier, a 12min experimental play. In an indefinite future, an artificial entity named Galmeier - whose physical appearance is that of a printed square - gives a conference, quickly disturbed by ghosts ...

Sean Crossley will present a selection of fragments of discussions, models and notes taken from his ongoing collaboration at MIP: lab at Campus Biotech. The lab uses a functioning MRI machine and films to map human emotion as a dynamic superimposed system.

Ekaterina Prianichnikova & Alexander Serechenko will present artefacts from neural network algorithms trained to replicate the human dream experience. The artists are working on the phenomenon of artificial intelligence. Starting from the concept of human consciousness, they pose the question of the existence of the "algorithmic unconscious".