Flux Laboratory Geneva

Flux Laboratory Geneva

History and concept behind our facilities

This eclectic cultural center combines opposites, such as interiors and exteriors, to foster our unique identity. In the heart of the city, the lab is ringed by impressive apartment buildings which integrate it into a living, developing area. A continuously evolving microcosm, the lab mirrors what goes on outside, while providing immersion in its own environment through the various activities on offer.

Two buildings come together, as if demonstrating that ideas are born and refined out of confrontation. The first building is a former locksmith’s workshop turned into a creation and exhibit room, while the second contains the wing devoted to everyday activities. Cross-fertilization thus begins with the architecture, which brings two purposes and two histories together under one beautiful glass roof. This is the backbone of the premises, circulating energy between both spaces. Designed by Geneva architect Rino Brodbeck, this skylight emphasizes the unity and harmony of the premises and lends them a luminous look.

Flux offers versatile spaces in prime locations.
From providing fully equipped premises to producing customized, performances, FLUX has the necessary infrastructure and know-how to create and to produce artistic projects as well as to cooperate with cultural institutions.

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Ground floor
First floor
Second floor
Attic and roof
Cross section