Flux Laboratory - GENEVA

Flux Laboratory - GENEVA

At FLUX Laboratory, the space itself is an invitation to explore and reflect. Combining areas that are clearly separate but communicate with each other, FLUX Laboratory embodies sharing, the basic idea behind our projects. Rather than one space, it can be seen as a flexible constellation of multiple open spaces. Each has a function that is more like a state of mind. Observation, reflection, creation, meaningful encounters, well-being, tradition, and technology are the various facets of this multidisciplinary laboratory. FLUX Laboratory is fully committed to active understanding rather than accumulating knowledge and is, first and foremost, a living space.

The new information society will be built on an intelligent transformation of intangible assets such as information, knowledge, content, human relations, and change potential, into tangible achievements.

With creativity and innovation as drivers, the arts, design, and entertainment industries have always used “out of the box” thinking and varied sources of inspiration to foster growth. 

FLUX Laboratory is two things:
As a physical space, it is a house with many rooms, each devoted to hosting creative exchange and dialogue.
As a metaphysical space, it is a starting point where chance encounters will become lasting and fruitful relationships.

FLUX Laboratory aims to engage and support spontaneous conversations between art, business, science, and society in Geneva, in Switzerland, and across the globe.

FLUX Laboratory is the “local-translocal” place where creativity and innovation get results:

  • Build bridges between different fields
  • Discover other means of expression and innovative thinking
  • Work together and reveal new synergies